June 23, 2024

Alfa Romeo C41 introduced for 2021

Alfa Romeo C41 introduced for 2021

09:51 am

Live broadcast

Today we can bring you live stream from launch again. Alfa Romeo C41 is introduced in Warsaw under the sponsorship of Orlen. Let’s see if it’ll be “fast and painless” like the last show at AlphaTauri or a longer show like McLaren a week ago.

11:08 AM

Grosjean before the first IndyCar test

The Frenchman will take the first test of IndyCar tomorrow. We keep our fingers crossed at his first view, even if injuries to his hands are making us a little suspicious.

10:57 am

New team clothes

Even before the official show tomorrow, Tuesday, Red Bull has already shown what the new team’s clothing looks like, as we will see Max Verstappen and Co in 2021 on the race tracks of the world. Exorbitant!

10:47 am

Memories of Niki Lauda

The Austrian was 72 years old today. Reason enough for us to look back at his eventful life!

Photo gallery: Niki Lauda’s eventful life

10:38 am

Ferrari is also testing

In Jerez, the old Ferrari SF90 from 2019 is on the right track today. Scuderia does not test for himself, but for Pirelli. Over the next three days, the new 18-inch tires for 2022 will be tried on. Leclerc and Sainz will split the days according to our information, respectively. Today the spots are on, and tomorrow and the day after rain tires.

10:20 am

New sponsor

Alfa Romeo has already officially announced a new sponsor for the 2021 season. There is also a new Vettel Team Aston Martin partner.

10:11 am

First leaked photo already?

Those who can no longer wait until noon will find With this link Indeed, an alleged photo of the new Alfa Romeo C41. We cannot verify that this is a real photo. At 12:00 o’clock we’ll know more for sure.

10:03 AM

Launch-Termine 2021

McLaren and the Victory were already there, and today Alfa Romeo is following suit. Tomorrow you will continue with Red Bull! Over the next few days, you should jot down the following dates to release more:

23. Viperware: Red Bull
March 2: Mercedes
March 2: the Alps
March 3: Aston Martin
March 5: Williams
March 10: Ferrari

more information It can be found in our big general news. This is updated regularly.

09:48 AM

New week, new launch

We are back from winter vacation! Hello and welcome to a new release of Formula 1 Live Indices. From today we return Monday through Friday every day with a live ticker for you. Second good news: a new car for the 2021 season is still on offer! At 12:00 noon, she introduced the new Alfa Romeo C41.

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Robin Zimmerman He accompanies you again during the day and for questions, criticism and suggestions, as in the previous year our contact form and the Twitter hashtag #FragMST are available. Then let’s move on to the next launch day in 2021!