May 18, 2024

Here's what Coach Celestini had to say about the YB rumors

Here’s what Coach Celestini had to say about the YB rumors

Fabio Celestini won their first title in nearly 30 years with FC Lucerne. The 45-year-old is traded as a potential successor to Seoane at YB.

FCL coach Fabio Celestini told about a possible change in YB. – No.

The basics are in brief

  • At Meister YB, the coaching position will be vacant for next season.
  • With Fabio Celestini a potential candidate to win the Swiss Cup on Sunday.
  • This is what the French-speaking Swiss say about their possible involvement with the Bernese.

3: 1 against St. Gallen. Lucerne will vote on Sunday afternoon in Wankdorf, Bern For the 2021 Cup Winner.

Celestinian to succeed Seoane?

For FCL it is the end of a long dry period. The last time Switzerland celebrated the title was 29 years ago.

Fabio Celestini has been on the sidelines as coach of FC Lucerne since January 2020. He was born in Lausanne and has associated with other clubs in the past.

Currently, Celestini is considered possible The successor to Gerardo Siwan Traded at Master YB. Already when you leave Uday Hutter This 45-year-old was a subject in Bern.

What if the little boys call him? asked Celestini for the cup final itself.

“I only want carnival now”

“I have a contract with FCL and just won the cup. I just want now Carnival You do in Lucerne, “the coach says.

Celestine subtly rejects the counter-question:CarnivalI just want this now. I’ve never owned one before Carnival I celebrated it in Lucerne. “

Would Fabio Celestini be the right coach for YB?

It goes without saying that any coach wants to enjoy such an important victory first. Denial regarding moving to YB It looks different, however. One might be curious.

Before that, Fabio Celestini helped His criticism of the artificial turf in Bern To stir up. After 5: 2 against YB, he said, “Football on artificial turf is not football!” A statement made by the Director of Sports at YB Christophe Speicher He probably doesn’t like to be heard.

After winning the cup, however, the former player reconciled with the document. And even kissing artificial grass! So it seems that this obstacle is out of the way.

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