June 24, 2024

Ben Greene about the big differences

Ben Greene about the big differences

(Motorsport-Total.com) – Ben Green is one of the finds of the ADAC GT Masters 2022. The 24-year-old Briton has two wins with Niclas Crotten at the Red Bull Circuit. After six races, the duo finished third overall. It is indeed the current DTM Cup champion’s second attempt to gain a foothold in GT3 racing.

Ben Green has to work more full time in ADAC GT Masters than in the British GT Championship


Green drove the BMW M6 GT3 for Century Motorsport in the 2019 British GT Championship. At the time, he and teammate Dominic Paul had yet to surpass P17 in the overall standings and 13th in the Pro-Am Cup.

“The big difference is that in the UK it’s Pro-Am racing,” Green told Motorsport-Total.com. Great Britain is one of the last strongholds where touring car racing is more popular than GT racing. Therefore, purely professional mating is not permitted in the UK. There are only Silver Cup, Pro-Am Cup and Am Cup categories.

“It’s a completely different race with the amateurs because they can find a lot of time while we’re all doing the same lap times here,” Green said. On the other hand, at ADAC GT Masters, it’s all about getting the most out of the drivers package.

“You have to look at yourself a lot here and get more out of yourself. In British GT you have to help your teammate to be fast. Because he has the potential to improve times more than a professional driver.”

Together with Krütten, Green has now attracted attention. The entry-level coupling has yet to confirm its performance on tracks less suitable for the BMW M4 GT3.