December 4, 2023

Apple: TV app should become the sole home for video content

Apple TV: This refers not only to the Cupertino company’s media players, but also to the app. In this, Apple is not only integrating its Apple TV+ streaming service, but also the option to purchase or access movies and series from your library. However, you can also find video content in the separate apps for iTunes Movies and iTunes TV Shows. To bring it all together, it looks like Apple wants to remove it in December 2023 Bloomberg reports.

Apple TV: One address for all your video content

The goal is to aggregate all offers related to video and live streaming content into the Apple TV app. A tvOS update will take care of this in December 2023, Bloomberg writes. The iTunes Movies and iTunes TV Shows apps will then be completely removed.

Apple doesn’t just want to implement changes to its own media players like the Apple TV 4K – the current test winner. On iPhone and iPad, all areas related to video content should disappear from the iTunes app. Then the entire focus will be on the TV app there as well.

The idea seems clear. It’s actually a bit strange that you can buy and rent movies and series in both the Apple TV app and the aforementioned iTunes apps. Especially since the update aims to increase the ease of use of the TV application.

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New layout design for TV app

According to Bloomberg, the design upgrade will include a panel on the left side that will allow you to switch between different content categories. This will be similar to the menu design in Netflix. Of course, you can still track your purchased content or your movie and series collection in the TV app. If you’ve subscribed to Apple’s Apple TV+ streaming service, you can also access it via the app.

Ultimately, the described move will move Apple TV further into the spotlight, while the iTunes brand will be marginalized even further. This is not a new procedure: on Apple Macs, video content is already selected only via the TV app. iTunes apps are no longer available on Cupertino computers in current macOS versions.

However, there is still room for improvement. For example, it is confusing for customers that the TV app on some devices, such as smart TVs, allows access to Apple TV+, but purchasing and renting content does not work. The manufacturer can ensure more uniformity here.