May 23, 2024

Apple iPhone 13 Notch Leak

Apple iPhone 13: new images show smaller notches

The iPhone 13 should be presented in time in the fall of 2021 this year and no major design changes are actually expected. However, change could still happen and my fans an ApplePhones since the launch of the iPhone X in 2017. New photos on the subject seem to confirm that the iPhone 13 could finally get a smaller notch.

iPhone 13: Images of the protective glass show changes in tone

Pictures come from supplier departments and Offer a kind of protective glass Or an iPhone 13 demo movie. The first CAD information required to produce certain parts has already appeared on the Internet. So the production of such protective films should not be a problem. However, it has not been determined whether the image is original or not. Changes have been under discussion for a long time.

Accordingly, the notch, that is, the bore of the front camera and the face ID, takes up significantly less space in length. This provides significantly more space for display and icons located there. In contrast, the thickness does not change. The listener’s amplifier should move up in the frame, which can also be seen in the photo, because suddenly a slit can be found there. In general, we see in the picture all the rumors that have appeared so far about this topic. However, it remains unclear if the movie is real.

The notch could be much smaller on the iPhone 13. It remains to be seen if this is really true. (Photo: DuanRui / Twitter)

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It won’t take long, then it will start WWDC 2021 from Apple. There we see iOS 15 and get preliminary information about the functions. Plus, the Apple event starts on Tuesday (April 20), which is where we are New iPads with a small LED screen We expect, too, new iMacs may be planned. Tomorrow we’ll find out exactly what it should be like.

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