December 4, 2023

Andrea Kewell experiences the horror in Israel firsthand

On Sunday afternoon, broadcaster Andrea Kewell (58) was seen happily on ZDF TV Garden. However, the broadcast was actually recorded a few days ago. On Sunday the German was no longer in Hamburg. After filming, Kewell flew to her new home in Israel, and was surprised by the sound of sirens there on Saturday morning.

In “Jüdische Allgemeine” the famous broadcaster writes about the horror that followed in the following hours. So she immediately went to the small shelter in her house. There I discovered exactly what had happened online.

The full and terrible extent of the events soon became clear to her. “I can’t find the words that can even begin to describe how I feel. My stomach is in spasm. I’m shivering. internally. Externally. I am crying. “I read and follow the news every second and I still can’t understand it.”

ZDF star Andrea Kewell has been living in the country for several years because of her Israeli boyfriend. As the 58-year-old reported, the former elite soldier now wants to fight for his country again.

Kewell explained to Bild over the phone: “On Saturday he received a call, then he took off his jeans and put on his military uniform. Nothing can stop him, and he will fight for Israel until the end, even if it costs his life.”

Kewell says that all men and women have this love for their country within them. It’s in their DNA. The presenter adds that her boyfriend fought as an elite soldier for 25 years, but he never spoke about that time.

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“But I often saw him trembling in his sleep at night when his terrible experiences came back to him in his dreams.”

After the initial shock, the broadcaster is now focused on helping those around her. She shopped and took care of those in need. She told Bild newspaper that she wondered how this Hamas attack happened.

“I always ask myself how terrorists could enter Israel in this way with jeeps and motorcycles. In a country that has been in constant defense readiness since its founding and has the best security and intelligence services in the world?