December 4, 2023

An expert expects low temperatures and frost

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After the storm is before the ground freezes. Meteorologists are issuing a frost warning in the coming days. But the next heat return is just around the corner.

Kassel – After a weather change that swept through Germany with a series of storms, the next dramatic change in weather is now imminent. A cold front will arrive in Germany tonight and will bring a significant drop in temperatures, weather expert Dominic Young announced.

After the storm is before the ground freezes. Meteorologists are issuing a snowfall warning for the next few days. (Icon picture). © Olaf Döring/Imago.

A sharp change in weather: An expert announces falling temperatures and frost

It’s the warmest September since weather records began in 1881, and it even beats several summer months in terms of temperatures. So far this month there have been summer days after summer days. But that’s over now. “We are now facing a significant drop in temperatures, at least it looks like a significant drop,” he warns. Jung. Cold air masses push heat away, “so there will be a few cooler days right now.”

DWD also warns of heavy rain and thunderstorms in northern Hesse. The German Meteorological Agency forecasts rain of between 15 and 25 liters per hour, and in some places up to 45 liters of rain could fall within six hours, according to a DWD meteorologist.

Weather forecast at a glance: Forecast for the next few days

Saturday 23 September Scattered rain showers and thunderstorms, ranging between 15 and 21 degrees
Sunday 24 September Very cloudy, rain and thunderstorms in some areas, ranging between 17 and 21 degrees
Monday 25 September Mostly sunny and dry, 17 to 26 degrees
Tuesday 26 September Lots of sun, only clouds in the northwest and west, 21 to 26 degrees
Wednesday 27 September The sun and clouds alternate from 24 to 30 degrees
Thursday 28 September Sunny and dry most of the time, 21 to 27 degrees
Friday 29 September Sunny and dry, scattered showers and thunderstorms, ranging from 22 to 27 degrees.
Saturday 30 September Mostly sunny and dry, between 23 and 30 degrees
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Weather change: Temperatures drop in northern Hesse this weekend

The meteorologist explains, “The winds are variable and the air masses are increasingly coming from the northwest.” Indeed, on Friday night, the weather will be very changeable, with clouds, showers, and continuous rain at times. Temperatures drop to 10 to 15 degrees. The weather remains cold on Saturday and Sunday, and temperatures drop at night to 4 to 8 degrees at an altitude of two metres. “This is enough for the first frost in some areas,” Young says.

After cold air arrives on Friday, it will be rainy at first, especially in southern Germany. Showers could also be heavier in some places. Temperatures range between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius, and are accompanied by active winds.

Frost warning: It’s getting cold – but then there will be a return next summer with temperatures reaching 30 degrees

As the cold front moves from west to east, scattered showers, rain and thunderstorms are expected. Temperatures will drop. It will remain cold until Sunday. But then, former Hurricane Nigel gets into the “weather kitchen” again, Young says. It’s pushing warm air masses at us in Germany – and the joys of summer continue: “Summer seems to want to come back again and again this year,” says Jung. Temperatures are expected to reach 30 degrees again next week.

Weather experts have a radical forecast: October will be up to two degrees warmer than in previous years

So autumn is still a long time coming. Also in October. The latest forecast from the CFS weather model, operated by the National Weather Service (NWS) in the United States, makes a radical prediction: October will be 1 to 2 degrees warmer than the average of the new, already very warm comparison period from 1991 to 2020.