February 24, 2024

An escaped kangaroo was captured by police in Canada

KAN caused a stir east of Toronto before the escaped kangaroo was captured Monday morning. Police in Durham Region said the animal was temporarily housed at the Oshawa Zoo.

Authorities found the missing marsupial around 3 a.m. on a rural property in North Oshawa. They watched there for almost four hours.

With the help of the kangaroo’s handlers, they finally managed to catch its tail. But, unexpectedly, a police officer was slapped in the face. The kangaroo was then taken to the Oshawa Zoo for medical examination. This is what the “CBC” reports.

Videos of an escaped kangaroo hopping the streets of Oshawa went viral on social media Friday morning. The animal escaped while on its way to a zoo in Quebec. It escaped its handlers during a planned retreat at the Oshawa Zoo.

The search for the kangaroo lasted throughout the weekend, and the police eventually managed to capture it.

Oshawa Zoo Ranger Cameron Bright said the kangaroo was in good condition. Although it was born in captivity, its natural instincts revealed its “extremely curious” ability to adapt to the environment.

Questions about the kangaroo’s escape are being investigated by authorities. Activists point to loopholes in the law, which should be better regulated to ensure the safety of exotic animals.

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