February 24, 2024

Rishi Sunak, a prime minister in decline

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is under more pressure. His proposed legislation on the Rwandan accord did not go far enough with some sections of his party.

“Live TV is very difficult,” he admitted Rishi Sunak Once to a British journalist. At a press conference called at short notice on Thursday, the British prime minister’s nerves were clearly on edge. When he faced questions about possible fresh elections, he became angry.

A plan by the Tory government could be the biggest crisis of his tenure. They want to send illegal immigrants to Rwanda at any cost. Problem: The Supreme Court has classified the East African country as an unsafe country. Sunak didn’t want to stop it.

British Rwanda plans were first proposed by former Prime Minister Boris Johnson in April 2022. At the time, the government was under increasing pressure to crack down on the growing number of illegal immigrants. To prevent them from crossing, irregular migrants must be held in camps and flown to Rwanda as quickly as possible. A return England Not planned. The first flight was scheduled to take off in June 2022, but passenger numbers continued to shrink after victims sued the plan. Eventually the European Court of Human Rights intervened and the flight was grounded at the last minute.

Sunak wants to stick to his party’s plans against illegal immigration

Instead of admitting that the plan has failed, Chung is sticking to the plans to show a clear line to the Labor Party. “I will not allow foreign courts to block flights,” he said. But now a cold wind blows towards him. While parts of the party want to ensure compliance with international law, the draft is insufficient for the growing right-wing conservative Tories because the judiciary could intervene further in individual cases.

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Human rights activists warn that the government wants to undermine the judiciary. The Supreme Court has determined that Rwanda is not a safe country, said Akiko Hart of the human rights group Liberty. He described the Conservative Party’s attempt to reverse the finding as “constitutional vandalism”. A government is not allowed to decide for itself when fundamental rights apply.

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