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Alpine Skiing – On his return after rupturing his cruciate ligament, Alexander Keldy lifted himself to the race’s favorite spot at Lake Louise on Friday and Saturday.

The Norwegian eliminated the competition in the second training session at the starting speed in Canada by four good tenths and more.

Slovenian Postjan Klein came closest to the 2019/20 World Cup winner, with a 42 percent margin, followed by Austrian Max Franz, who set the fastest time the day before.

The Swiss, who have to compete at Lake Louise without Carlo Janca, Mauro Caviezel, Urs Krähenbühl and Ralph Weber, did not show their trump cards. Like the day before, Beat Feuz lost over a second and a half in the fastest time and finished in 19th place. Marco Odermatt lined up right in front of him.

Nils Huntermann came in tenth, two places behind Stefan Rogenten. Hintermann is preparing to forget about last season, which was negatively affected by injuries and falls. Rogentin had already indicated in the first training with the sixth that he should be expected to take part in the first sprints in the Olympic winter.

Speed ​​drivers have a rest day on Thursday. The third training session has been canceled due to unfavorable weather forecasts and an intense program for the next week and a half.

The first winter descent begins on Friday at 8:00 pm CST, and on Saturday at 8:15 pm. A Super-G is also on the program at Lake Louise on Sunday (8.15 p.m.). Next week, three sprints are scheduled again at Beaver Creek.

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