April 25, 2024

Alec Baldwin should be playing "SNL" on the controversy over a wife's legacy: Trump Jr.

Alec Baldwin should be playing “SNL” on the controversy over a wife’s legacy: Trump Jr.

Donald Trump Jr. Actor Wed suggested Alec Baldwin Plays himself inSaturday Night LiveDrawing about the scandal of his wife Hilaria on her heritage.

“Alec Baldwin should be playing Alec Baldwin when SNL makes fun of his wife pretending to be Spanish for the past few decades as opposed to the basic white girl from Mass as she really is,” the president’s son wrote on Twitter. “It will be the first funny thing Saturday Night Live has produced in years.”

He played Baldwin, 62 years old President Trump From before he took office on an impression the president described him as “lively and not very funny”.

Hilaria Baldwin, 36, received a backlash on social media this week for suggesting that she is from Spain in the past, and for using a Spanish accent in the past when she was born in Massachusetts.

The woman who caused the Hilaria Baldwin scandal says she might “scare” Alec Baldwin

She wrote a deleted tweet that has since sparked controversy: “You have to admire Hilaria Baldwin’s commitment to 10 years in time impersonating a Spanish.”

Comedian Joe Pescopo, who was a member of SNL in the 1980s, agreed with Trump Jr., telling Fox News, “We were so offended so easily. Why did you do that? I don’t know. I think that’s a topic for the sketch on SNL.” I’m just saying. “

There was no indication that the show would cover the topic, and many say the producers will not touch the topic due to Alec Baldwin’s ties to the show.

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Describing the backlash as “surreal,” Hilaria Baldwin told the New York Times, “There’s nothing I’m doing wrong, and I think there’s a difference between hiding and creating boundaries.”

Joe Pescopo “ loves every part ” of Hilaria Baldwin’s story regarding Spanish cultural property claims

Hilaria was born as Hillary but she was told Newspaper Her family members called her Hilaria most of her life.

In defense of his wife, Alec Baldwin shared a quote from Mark Twain about his wife Instagram The Tuesday he wrote: “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth wears its shoes.”

in April Podcast Interview, Hilaria Baldwin said, “I moved here [to America] When I was 19 years old to go to New York University from … my family lived in Spain, they used to live in Mallorca. “

The bilingual accent of the bilingual mother of five also fluctuated significantly over the years when she appeared on television and in a 2015 video from “Today,” apparently forgetting the English word for “choice.”

Meanwhile, she is CAA speaker pageWikipedia and IMDB all previously listed their country of birth as Spain. The talent agency has since removed any reference to her hometown, while the latter two have made corrections. In her recent speech, Baldwin blames the false reports and says it did not effectively misrepresent her legacy.

She says she is bilingual and often speaks different accents depending on her mood. She also indicated that she does not read articles about herself and was not aware that her race was incorrectly reported.

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As for the “choice” moment, she says she was simply nervous about appearing on live TV and had a “brain flick”.

Talia Kaplan of Fox News contributed to this report.