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Chris Harrison says Matt James’s season will feature a “ shocking revelation ” that has never been seen before

With And bachelorette Season 16 is officially behind us, fans across the country are looking forward to it BSC Season 25 With James Matt. The trip starts on Monday, January 4, 2021. Fortunately, the host Chris Harrison On the verge of promoting a new season, including a “shocking revelation” that has never been seen on the show before.

Chris Harrison pisses off Matt James from The Bachelor 2021

Matt James star “The Bachelor” Season 25 | Billy the Kid via Getty Images

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On December 11, Harrison officially introduced the cast BSC Season 25. Then when to speak with is being! News After the announcement, the host delved into his thoughts about James’ season and contestants. And of course, there will be a lot of drama.

Harrison told the publication, “Look, Matt James is a hoax.” “So when you have an award like this, there will be drama. These women are strong, independent and beautiful. They are used to getting what they want, and they want what they want. So there will be a lot of drama.”

Harrison then raised an upcoming story that will definitely rock the fanbase. “There was a terrible discovery and a dramatic story that I had never seen before,” he said. “Everyone will kinda shake. I can’t wait for it to finish.”

Now, Bachelor Nation fans will have to keep in touch to find out what Harrison is talking about. But in an interview with additional, The host hinted at a few things viewers should watch, including Bachelor of Alum Nation And “Queen” Victoria Larson.

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Harrison said: I think a lot of people were talking about Queen Victoria. “Look, she’s going to make her mark. Will people love her? We’ll see. And you know, she’s definitely involved in some royal controversy. There’s one controversy in particular, and how he works on the show is amazing. It’s horrible, it’s weird.”

“It’s not just with women the first night. There are 32 women on the first night. I can tell you that – that’s not all the women who will be participating this season. There will be more, including the familiar face.”

Chris Harrison reveals what to expect from Matt James in the 25th season of The Undergraduate

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While it appears BSC The cast for Season 25 will be sharing some shocking moments, and Harrison promised viewers that James would cast it too. Still talking to Extra, the host revealed how different the new Bachelor would be.

“There’s a lot of depth and there’s a lot of layers for this guy, we’ve never seen anything like it before BSCHarrison said. “I mean, that’s deep.”

Then in the above interview with E! The news, Harrison delves into what the nation’s Bachelorette fans can expect from James moving forward.

He said, “There’s the fun, the drama, the absurdity and all that.” “But there is a personal journey he’s about to continue, things he’s about to face, things like this that we’ve never seen before on this show. We’ve never embraced this show.”

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Harrison added, “Again, it’s just because of who he’s died. I give him a lot of credit for taking on a lot of these issues. It’d be great to watch and watch with the Bachelor of the Nation.”

BSC Season 25 kicks off with Matt James on Monday January 4, 2021.

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