July 13, 2024

Ralph Macchio wanted Cobra Kai to include the unresolved Karate Kid 2 stories

Ralph Macchio wanted Cobra Kai to include the unresolved Karate Kid 2 stories

Ralph Macchio revealed to CBR that he wanted to revisit elements of The Karate Kid Part Two for years, and bring it up early in Cobra Kai’s development.

Cobra cay The third season will feature Daniel Larsow Return to Okinawa In a desperate attempt to save his family’s business. Series star Ralph Macchio wanted to revisit the characters and plot points in 1986 Second Karate Kid For decades, even before development Cobra cay seem.

Machio revealed to CBR that during initial meetings with Cobra cay Creators Hayden Schlossberg, Josh Held and John Horowitz put forth his vision for Daniel to reprocess the film’s hanging strands. He also wanted to be reunited Previous love interest Kumiko.

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“I think it was always in that initial DNA. They heard it from me, maybe the first day or two that we spoke,” Machio told CBR. “I always felt like I wanted to return, and I wanted to explore what happened to Daniel and Komiko because I always felt if I came back this good – that’s for years, and decades on end – it’s a story that was just kind of a drop. Third Karate Child It was another thing. So it didn’t quite make sense to me why Miyagi wouldn’t return to Yukie and why Daniel and Komiko weren’t. [a chance]. You had 30 years and I said, ‘Let’s fill in those blanks! “

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With the confirmation of the third season of Reunite Daniel with Kumiko And his old rival Kosen, fan favorite characters, have been reintroduced into the wider world of Karate Kid. For Macchio, the return of the two characters leaves the door open to the possibility of each playing a greater role in the series’ future. He also indicated that their inclusion in the show and their future is in Cobra cay Much depends on how the fans respond to their comeback.

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“Now, it has to fit into some format Cobra cay The series is, and I think the nice thing about what happens in Season 3 with both Chozen and Kumiko is that there’s always room to see more of them in some way, “Macchio continued.” And we’ll see how the fans react, I think, you know, that will be dictated too. “

Cobra cay It stars William Zapka, Ralph Macchio, Courtney Hengler, Exolo Maridwina, Mary Moser, Tanner Buchanan, Jacob Bertrand, Gianni Desenzo, Peyton List and Martin Cove. Season 3 arrives on Netflix January 1.

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