June 21, 2024

Nord Stream 2 leverage against Moscow

Nord Stream 2 leverage against Moscow

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken sees the controversial Russian-German gas pipeline Nord Stream 2 as “a tool of pressure” against Moscow in the Ukraine conflict.

The basics in brief

  • “It is also worth noting that there is no gas flowing through Nord Stream yet, which means that the pipeline is a bargaining chip for Germany, the United States and our allies, not Russia,” Blinken said Thursday at a joint press conference with German Foreign Minister Annallina. Barbock.

This is undoubtedly something Moscow takes into account in its deliberations – “especially in light of the clear statements of states about the dire consequences that Russia would face if it carried out further aggression against Ukraine,” Blinken added. “So we are at a critical stage.”

The completed pipeline, which has not yet been launched for operation, is scheduled to pump gas from Russia to Germany in the future – bypassing Ukraine. According to President Vladimir Putin, Nord Stream 2 will again make gas in Europe cheaper. On Tuesday, German Chancellor Olaf Schulz threatened Russia with “heavy costs” if it invaded Ukraine. Asked whether this would have consequences for the already completed pipeline, he said, “Everything should be discussed if there is a military intervention against Ukraine.”

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