A new feature in WhatsApp for more intimacy – how to hide messages

WhatsApp messages displayed on screen: If you want to make sure that certain chats are hidden, you can now do that very easily.Photo: IMAGO/Jonathan R

When things get really intimate, we really don’t want anyone else to see our WhatsApp messages. There is now a new post for this.

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Have you been in the same situation? You give up your smartphone because someone else needs to make a quick call. But all you can think of is the intimate picture you just received via WhatsApp. And that it is certainly still possible to see the image on the screen.

In order for private messages to remain truly private, the developers of the messenger have come up with something like this. A new entry called “Blocked Chats” will soon be found in the list of chats on WhatsApp.

According to the ‘WhatsApp Blog’, this is a function that wants to offer more privacy. Chats moved to the Blocked Chats folder should only be opened if they are authorized with the correct PIN, fingerprint, or Face ID.

Blocked Messages: This is what the new app functionality of WhatsApp looks like.

Blocked Messages: This is what the new app functionality of WhatsApp looks like.Photo: @WhatsApp Blog

According to WhatsApp, “locked” messages are also not shown. What’s the use of that? WhatsApp says: “In our view, this feature is particularly useful for people who share their phones with other family members from time to time, or in situations where someone else is holding your phone while you are sending a private chat message.”

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The chat can be blocked by clicking on the name of the contact or group and selecting the “Block” option. According to the information, these blocked chats can be opened again by slowly pulling up the inbox, entering the device password, or using biometric scanning.

By the way, WhatsApp has not yet reached the end of its fix. The blog states: โ€œOver the next few months, we plan to add various other chat lock options, for example, allowing companion devices to be locked or creating a self-defined password for your chats so that you can use a different password than one for your phone.


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