July 14, 2024

A cruise “from pole to pole”

A cruise “from pole to pole”

Volendam © Holland America Line

Holland America Line’s 133-day Grand Voyage will span five continents on a south-north route in 2025, including Antarctica and the Arctic Circle. The trip will be offered in conjunction with the 124-day Grand World Voyage 2025.

With the departure of Grand Voyage ‘Pole-to-Pole’ and Grand World Voyage in January 2025, Holland America Line will for the first time offer two large voyages lasting more than 120 days simultaneously.

The Grand Voyage “Pole-to-Pole” aboard Volendam allows cruisers to visit five continents on a south-to-north voyage, while the Grand World Voyage aboard Zuiderdam covers six continents on an east-west route, with both cruises leaving with ease. American port.

Jos Antwercha, President of Holland America Line, introduces the Grand Voyages © Holland America Line program

Joss AntorchaHolland America Line’s president commented, “These trips will be truly historic. It’s a great opportunity to offer our guests two different ways to travel the world.”

“We have carefully timed this trip to ensure we are visiting destinations when the weather is right, and we have included desirable locations such as the Amazon, Greenland, and Iceland as well as Antarctica and the North Pole.” Paul GrigsbyVice President of Operations and Route Planning for Holland America Line.

Both flights can be officially booked from May 24.

2025 The Great Journey from Pole to Pole – Volendam
  • 133 days. Departing January 25, 2025 from Fort Lauderdale, round trip.
  • It follows a south-north-south route through the Panama Canal, along the western coast of South America to Antarctica, then along Argentina and Brazil to the heart of the Amazon. The ship then crosses the Atlantic to Africa, sails to Europe and as far as the North Cape before turning west across the North Atlantic via Iceland, Greenland and finally to the east coast of North America.
  • From Pole to Pole: In the south, Volendam spends four days in Antarctica and in the north, the ship crosses the Arctic Circle to the North Cape.
  • A total of 68 ports on five continents and in 28 countries.
  • 8 overnight calls: Fuerte Amador, Panama; Callao (Lima), Peru; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Barcelona, ​​Spain; Lisbon, Portugal; and Reykjavik, Iceland.
  • Special moments: crossing the Panama Canal, Cape Horn, Antarctica, the Falkland Islands, exploring the Amazon, the Strait of Gibraltar, the Norwegian fjords, the Northern Cape, Iceland and Greenland.
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World Grand Tour 2025 – Zuiderdam
  • 124 days. Departs January 4, 2025 from the Fort Lauderdale City return.
  • It passes through the Panama Canal and makes its way to Easter Island before crossing the South Pacific Ocean to Australia. He explores the Great Barrier Reef on his way to Indonesia and Sri Lanka, then sails south to Cape Town, South Africa, through the Seychelles, back along the east coast of Africa, through the Suez Canal to Portugal before crossing the Atlantic.
  • A total of 46 ports in 32 countries on six continents.
  • 9 nights: Callao (2 nights); easter island; Babette, Tahiti; Sydney, Australia; Singapore ; Cape town; Mombasa, Kenya; Safaga, Egypt; and Barcelona.
  • 7 departures late in the evening: Manta, Ecuador; Seychelles. Cape Town and Durban, South Africa; Aqaba, Jordan; Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy; and Gibraltar, UK.
  • Special Moments: Panama Canal transit, 2 nights in Callao with time to visit Machu Picchu, Easter Island, cruise through the Great Barrier Reef, 2 full days in Cape Town, opportunity to visit Petra from Jordan and Luxor from to Safaga experience from.

Great date in Barcelona

On April 24, 2025, Volendam and Zuiderdam will reunite in Barcelona, ​​Spain for a joint overnight visit that will bring the two big trips together into one celebration. The special celebrations involving both ships are meant to mark the occasions of a perfectly planned double port. (TI)