New Horror Movie With ‘Wednesday’ Star Gina Ortega Now Showing In Home Cinemas – News 2023

Before actress Gina Ortega became a series star through a Netflix project, the now 20-year-old was active in the horror genre. The next film with Ortega in this category was released a few days ago. Since it was produced before becoming an overnight star, American Carnage is currently flying under the radar. However, recently the film can be seen in home cinemas.

In “American Carnage,” a new law is passed that requires undocumented American immigrants to engage in hospice care to avoid severe penalties. However, strange things happen at the nursing home as the disparate group around JP (Jorge Lendenborg Jr.) and Camila (Jenna Ortega) converge and a nerve-wracking fight for survival ensues.

American Carnage / Trailer

The movie, which was released in the US before Jana Ortega’s big break, hasn’t been entirely successful so far. With “Get Out” he has a role model that is as successful as it is touching. In addition to social criticism and horror, American Carnage also relies on humor.

From now on, German horror fans can also enjoy the movie. “American Carnage” has been available on DVD and Blu-ray since May 5, 2023. So if you can’t bear to wait until “Wednesday” Season 2, you can pass the time with this horror comedy. However, it doesn’t seem to promise Oscar-worthy entertainment, and the movie is listed as very average on the usual rating sites.

American Carnage seems to have a decent entertainment factor, with the audience rating much better at more than 80 percent. Better to make up your own mind.

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