June 14, 2024

Prince Albert: That’s why he didn’t give Charles anything for his coronation

Prince Albert + Princess Charlene That is why they did not give Charles the gift of coronation

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene

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On May 6, 2023, Prince Albert and Princess Charlene were among the select group allowed to attend King Charles’ coronation. However, the couple did not have a gift for the British monarch with them.

This past weekend, King Charles, 74, and Queen Camilla, 75, were crowned at London’s Westminster Abbey – the event of the century that the royal elite and top politicians from around the world have come to celebrate. Prince Albert, 65, and Princess Charlene, 45, were among some 2,000 guests allowed to sit at historic Westminster Abbey. The couple were also invited to a reception at the palace on the eve of the coronation, where they were warmly welcomed by King Charles. Monaco’s rulers and the British monarch have been friends for years.

Prince Albert and King Charles

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Prince Albert wants to give King Charles a ‘special’ gift

Prince Albert would have loved to bring the 74-year-old a gift for his big day – but Monaco wasn’t allowed to do so. “Unfortunately, protocol does not allow us to bring gifts,” the 65-year-old told Hello! magazine’s Right Royal Podcast. But he also reveals: “But I’m looking for another way to give him something, privately, on another occasion or else we may not bring gifts.”

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The Monaco twins were not interested in being crowned

While Prince Albert and Princess Charlene were the first nobles to officially confirm their attendance at the coronation, it didn’t seem like their twins, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, both eight, were particularly interested in what was happening in the UK. “They know there is a party going on, but I don’t know if they will watch it,” said Prince Albert, adding, “They haven’t shown any enthusiasm yet.” However, it was important for him to emphasize the historical character of the ceremony in front of his children: “I’m sure of it [meine Kinder] Look at the ceremony, they’ll remember it.”

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