March 3, 2024

10 facts about the classic Wham's Christmas game

Have you been hit so far this year? certainly. Because you can't avoid the sound of Wham! “Last Christmas” during Advent. Opinions vary when it comes to this catchy tune. While some people can't imagine a Merry Christmas without the song, others get goosebumps when they hear the phrase, “Last Christmas I gave you my heart.”

However, George Michael has created a modern Christmas classic for the ages. The song was released on December 15, 1984. To celebrate the anniversary, we bring you ten interesting facts about last Christmas.

And that's what the song and video are about: Andrew plays the lover of the attractive brunette who gave George his heart last Christmas, as the lyrics say (“Last Christmas I gave you my heart”). The text continues with the fact that the beautiful woman returned her heart the next day (“But you gave it up the next day”). Now George Michael comes to the Snowy Mountains to spend Christmas with a new woman, but somehow there is still a spark between the couple from “last Christmas” and George remembers. This is evident from the brooch that Andrew is now wearing. George had given these to his ex-wife last year, as we find out in a flashback.

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