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vVARDIS was founded by Swiss dentists Haleh and Golnar Abivardi and is based on their own scientific findings. With a radical new, non-invasive solution that helps eliminate cavities and protect teeth, vVARDIS is transforming oral care and dentistry.

The goal of vVARDIS is to give everyone access to high-quality, pain-free oral healthcare

gave today vVARDISThe revolutionary oral health company that is transforming oral care and dentistry has announced a nationwide partnership with CareQuest Innovation Partners that aims to provide patented vVARDIS drill-free technologies to help eliminate tooth decay from growing but underserved Medicaid members to facilitate to get it.

As part of this new partnership, vVARDIS is conducting a pilot study of quality occupational therapy at some of the CareQuest Institute of Oral Health’s (CareQuest Institute) dental practices and, when completed, aims to expand access to treatment for underserved Medicaid members. In addition, the CareQuest Institute, the nonprofit parent company of vVARDIS and CareQuest Innovation Partner, will launch and fund a variety of charitable activities, including educational programs for patients and dental professionals to improve the oral and dental health of historically marginalized populations. CareQuest Innovation Partners is a for-profit subsidiary of the CareQuest Oral Health Institute focused on innovation and impact investing.

“The spirit of vVARDIS is to serve and make sure the world gets quality oral care. Good oral health is critical to overall health and well-being, and many low-income families and children do not have access to quality dental care, not to mention the latest technology to maintain The health of your mouth and your body. We are proud to partner with CareQuest Innovation partners to improve oral health care and outcomes for Medicaid members, with more than 37 million children currently affiliated,” say Haleh and Golnar Abivardi, founders of vVARDIS.

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Since their inception, turning dentistry on its head, Halle and Gulnar Abivardi have combined their serial leadership with their commitment to those who need it most. They believe that everyone has a right to good oral health and have invested enormous resources in providing high-quality dental treatment to low-income families and the homeless in Switzerland. This new partnership brings their mission and commitment to serving the United States for the first time.

vVARDIS and CareQuest Innovation partners will work together to develop and deliver new, low-cost treatments to government Medicaid programs. The same basic technology as used in the vVARDIS Professional Curodont Repair Fluoride Plus treatment is used.

VVARDIS’ revolutionary technologies, backed by data from over 200 European clinical studies, represent the next generation of oral care and we look forward to bringing them to patients in the United States.

vVARDIS? Curodont Repair Fluoride Plus is a professional, locally applied mouthwash for the comprehensive treatment of cavities or white spots that occur when a layer of tooth enamel is removed. Once applied to a clean white spot, Curodont Repair Fluoride Plus’s unique formula helps the fluoride and calcium in saliva to penetrate the enamel and encourage the enamel remineralization process over time through a treatment called directed enamel remineralization.

The vVARDIS Institute and CareQuest will work together in philanthropic activities to improve oral care for the historically marginalized population of the United States, including through the provision of new preventive oral care products and services. Together, vVARDIS and CareQuest will win the support of charitable partner organizations to increase public awareness of the vital importance of oral health.

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Dr. said. Myechia Minter-Jordan, president and CEO of the CareQuest Institute. “Our goal is to bring new oral health treatments to those who have been in short supply for too long that will help treat tooth decay. By providing dental teams with new tools, we can improve the experience of both patients and fundamentally improve community health.”

Information about vVARDIS:

Founded by Dr. Hala and Dr. Golnar Abivardi, vVARDIS sets new standards for oral care, because they are convinced that oral care is the indispensable foundation for holistic health and well-being. vVARDIS’ goal is a pit-free future for the next generation. All products made in Switzerland, are scientifically based, vegan, clean and sustainable. Its globally patented technology has revolutionized dentistry and oral care. The foundation of vVARDIS technology is the key to a pit-free future that Dr. Haleh and Golnar Abivardi’s quest for all.

Information on CareQuest Institute Oral Health and Healthcare Partners:

The CareQuest Oral Health Institute is a national non-profit organization committed to a fairer future where everyone can achieve their full potential through excellent health. CareQuest does this through its awarding work, research, health improvement programs, policy and advocacy, and education, and through its leadership in dental services, care offerings, and innovative advancements. CareQuest works with thought leaders, healthcare providers, patients, and local, state, and federal stakeholders to accelerate the transformation of oral health care and create a system that is accessible to all. To find out more, visit carequest.org and follow them TwitterAnd LinkedInAnd Facebook social networking site, And Instagram.

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CareQuest Innovation Partners is a for-profit subsidiary of the CareQuest Oral Health Institute focused on innovation and impact investing.

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