June 23, 2024

Bayer inspects another glyphosate process in the US

Bayer inspects another glyphosate process in the US

Pharmaceutical giant Bayer was also defeated in its third appeal to a US court. The background to this is the controversy about the increased risk of cancer in people who have worked with the herbicide glyphosate. The San Francisco court has now ruled that the ruling, which holds that Bayer is responsible for the couple’s cancer cases, is legal.

Early in 2019, a jury in the US state of California ordered $2 billion (about 1.7 billion euros) in damages and fines for the two victims. The total amount was later revised to $86.7 million (€73.9 million).

A Bayer spokesman said the company respected the court’s decision but did not agree. The judgment was not supported by evidence at trial or under applicable law. The group is exploring its options to reconsider the case.

Bayer Leverkusen Pharmaceuticals bought the US seed giant for $60 billion in 2018. It was already clear that there would be many lawsuits over glyphosate. The group aims to make a great comparison with the settlement.

Bayer lost all previous court-negotiated cases. Now another experiment has begun in California. The company is betting on overturning a ruling of the United States Supreme Court. If Bayer doesn’t get it right, the company has already made provisions and put in $4.5 billion.

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