Twitter: Racist tweets after EM mainly from Great Britain

The racist comments after Euro 2020 come mainly from Great Britain. After the final, 1,622 tweets were deleted.

The basics in brief

  • After EM 2020 there was a great deal of racist comments.
  • These came mainly from Great Britain.

The majority of racist insults on Twitter against English footballers came from Great Britain after the European Championship. This came from a report published by the SMS service on Tuesday.

Twitter said that due to the international nature of Euro 2020, there were tweets from all over the world. It is important to realize, however, that the UK is the country from which “by far” the most offensive position came from, which was removed on the evening of the final and in the following days.

99 percent of users identified

The social media company reported that on the evening of July 11 and in the 24 hours that followed, 1,622 tweets were automatically identified and deleted. 99 percent of the users whose accounts were banned due to these insults were clearly identifiable. According to Twitter, the identity verification that some require is unlikely to prevent racial hostility.

The UK Football Police Unit (UKFPU) announced last week that 11 people had been arrested after racist comments against England professionals Bukayo Saka, Jadon Sancho and Marcus Rashford. 600 references were received for insults against the trio, 207 of which were classified as criminal.

The UKFPU’s report does not reveal that racist comments come mainly from Great Britain. According to this, 123 came from abroad and 34 from the UK.

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