July 14, 2024

World Cup 2022: Qatar transfers Taliban leader to Afghanistan – the first politicians to demand the withdrawal of the World Cup

World Cup 2022: Qatar transfers Taliban leader to Afghanistan – the first politicians to demand the withdrawal of the World Cup

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The Qatari Air Force recently returned top Taliban to Afghanistan from Doha. The first politicians are now demanding the consequences for the host nation of the next World Cup.

KABUL – The Taliban’s seizure of power in Afghanistan once again demonstrates the relationships that extremist Islamist militias are developing. Now a delegation of the Taliban leadership has been flown to Afghanistan – on a plane of the Qatar Air Force. The first voices of politics are demanding consequences for Qatar. It is particularly relevant to hosting the next World Cup in 2022. Bayern Munich remains out of the limelight despite its ties to the emirate.

Qatar: A delegation from the Taliban movement, the driver of the Emirates to Afghanistan – the appointed president is also there

With Mullah Baradar, Qatar transported one of the founders of the Taliban movement to a country in Central Asia, at the airport captured by the rulers, he jumped out of an American-style military plane with a delegation. The US armed forces are currently transporting their own citizens and those who need refuge out of the crisis zone with a machine of the same type. In addition, the United States also uses Qatar’s Al Udeid Air Base to bring refugees from Kabul to safety. From this base the Taliban leaders have now been promoted to Afghanistan.

Baradar had already spent years in exile in Qatar, where he had recently headed the militia’s politburo. He was also one of the signatories to an agreement with the United States as of February 2020. To many observers, the 53-year-old is the designated political chief of Taliban rule in Afghanistan.

Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar ran the Taliban’s political office in Qatar.

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Qatar has received strong international condemnation for human rights abuses and reports of slavery in connection with the construction of World Cup football stadiums. Given the relationship with the Taliban and its leaders, early politicians see reason to act and demand the withdrawal of the soccer World Cup planned for next winter.

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Qatar cooperates with the Taliban: German politicians demand the withdrawal of the 2022 World Cup

The foreign policy spokesman of the Free Democratic Party’s parliamentary group in the Bundestag, Bijan Geirsaray, voiced a clear criticism. He urged that “if Qatar supports the Taliban or recognizes the rule of terrorism, there must be consequences.” picture. Taliban supporters cannot host one of the world’s most important sporting events. The idea of ​​Taliban supporters hosting the soccer World Cup and presenting themselves as a modern country would be unbearable.” Other politicians, such as SPD member of the Bundestag Florian Post, see the situation similarly. “You have to think of an alternative place now,” he wrote on Twitter.

Tobias Lindner, a military expert and spokesperson for the Green Party’s security policy, spoke at picture Terrifying pictures when Qatar flies to Afghanistan with the same type of Taliban planes while the United States is evacuating its citizens to Qatar from there. Lindner said that relations between the Taliban and Qatar proved once again how serious and wrong the decision to award the World Cup was.

FC Bayern: Despite sponsorship and training camps in Qatar, Munich residents are ambiguous about it

Several years ago, the shirt sleeves of Bayern Munich were decorated with the logo of Qatar Airways, the emirate’s airline. The club, which runs annual training camps in Qatar, responded to a request from Globalism Just careful about the topic. According to the newspaper, the champions of the record referred to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Qatar’s ambassador in Berlin. When asked if Munich’s national players would get support in the event of a boycott, Bayern referred to the German Football Association. As is often the case, no public statements are made. (the wages)