March 3, 2024

The national player is Bolzano's first new signing - ICEHL

The national player is Bolzano’s first new signing – ICEHL

The new HCB striker represented Italy at the World Cup in Helsinki. © ANSA / Kimo Brandt

Things have been very quiet in the HCB Südtirol Alperia for a long time, but now the haul activity around the two-time ICE champ should pick up speed. A participant in the World Cup for Italy will begin, and at the same time the impending farewell will begin.

Daniel Mantenuto will be looking for targets for the Foxes since the start of the season. He’s transitioning from future rivals in the Asiago League to Talver.

The 24-year-old hails from Ontario, Canada, but also has an Italian passport and wouldn’t be a burden to the foreign unit as he’s been chasing the disc in the boot state for over 16 months. As a reminder: As of this season, each ICE team is only allowed to have 10 players on Transfer Cards. Dual citizens who move to Italy for the first time are counted as foreigners for one and a half years.

“The goal should be to fight for the title.”
Daniel Mantenuto

Mantenuto comes to Posen from Asiago with a recommendation of 92 points from 95 games. With Stellati, he has won the Alpine Hockey League title, two Italian Championship titles and two Italian Cups in the past two years. Prior to joining Veneto, he ran for four years in the NCAA North American League. Last winter, Mantenuto also featured for the Italian national team, most recently scoring one goal and two assists at the World Cup in Finland.

In all competitions, Daniel Mantenuto played 111 matches with Asiago (101 points). © Vito Di Romeo

Mantenuto’s first words as a newcomer to Bolzano are: “I hope we will have a strong and victorious team. The goal should be to fight for the title.”

Fazio goes in the opposite direction

The all-round Canadian striker, who plays the role of goalscorer and assistant and also takes on defensive duties, is HCB’s first new signing. It has been officially announced that the contract extensions of strikers Mike Halmo, Dominic Alberga and Dustin Gasley, and the return of Dylan de Berna, who is on loan to Ritten, is officially so far.

More team reports will follow soon – including Justin Fazio’s farewell. The 25-year-old has been a very strong backup at HC Bozen for three years, but now he wants to prove that he is number one. He is on the verge of striking a deal with newcomer ICE Asiago. At Bolzano, on the other hand, Andreas Bernard remains a hot topic in goalkeeping, although the club is also looking for a new goalkeeper from the outside.