June 23, 2024

Windows 95: a previously unknown Easteregg caught - nearly 26 years later

Windows 95: a previously unknown Easteregg caught – nearly 26 years later

“It’s never too late to find Eastereggs”: Here’s what Twitter user Albacore wrote after he made a discovery that currently bewitches many old Windows users. In Windows 95, which is now roughly 26 years old, he found a programmer’s legacy that seems unknown to the public to this day. In the usual Overviews of hidden masks However, he didn’t appear in Microsoft software in the 1990s until this weekend.

Albacore on Friday He posted a video showing the way to Easter. Open Internet Mail from the Windows Start menu. Go to the Help tab and then to “About Microsoft Internet Mail and News.” On the next screen, select the comctl32.dll file and type the term “MORTIMER” on your keyboard. Then, according to the Albacore video, a scrolling overview automatically appears for the names of the employees who worked in the program.

Albacore wrote on Twitter that he found Easteregg while he was working on another hidden feature of Windows 95, called Windows 95 Product Team Easteregg. This is also an overview of Microsoft employee names, but it is longer and more detailed. Easteregg is a long-known “people behind the magic of Windows 95” that starts with the words “the people behind the magic of Windows 95” and is how to get it Seen here in the YouTube video.

David Plummer, the inventor of the Windows Task Manager, is one of the people who has already gotten access to immortalizing the programmer that Albacore has found since Friday on a Windows 95-based computer. His YouTube channel “Dave’s Garage”. However, Plummer maintains that he’s not a fan of Easter eggs himself. Anyone who develops an app or operating system and wants to leave credits there should simply put them in the “About” section of the Help menu, Plummer says – open instead of hiding and not in a way that can only be called with an odd sequence of keys.

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