December 9, 2023

Will the satellite be damaged if it flew over the earth?

Will the satellite be damaged if it flew over the earth?

The solar orbit will fly relatively close to Earth this weekend. Space debris could become a problem for the probe.

The basics in brief

  • In February 2020, Esa launched the Solar Orbiter into space for the first time.
  • Next Saturday, the solar probe will pass Earth.
  • It can also collide with space debris.

The researchers are currently looking forward to the next visit to the Solar Orbiter. The probe is in place On her mission for nearly two years to explore the sun. This weekend you will be very close to Earth flew by.

Space debris is a problem

This overflight also carries some risks. Because the space probe hits the clouds with space debris. This can It may damage the satelliteAs announced by the Institute for Space Research (IMF).

Solar orbit driving on Earth

Next Saturday, November 27, at 5:30 a.m. Swiss time, the probe will be nearly as close to us as it is. IS.

But those interested should be prepared for a lot. from just Eye The orbit will not be visible, but it will likely be too fast for telescopes. Esa recommends the use of endoscopes to watch.

Only after this “flight” does the solar probe reach the orbit of the Sun and thus the main task. The probe is equipped with many sensors and cameras to analyze our central star in detail. In order to save fuel during the mission, the probe will continue to rely on Attracting the surrounding planets.

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