July 16, 2024

Wildfires rage on holiday beaches on the Mediterranean

Wildfires rage on holiday beaches on the Mediterranean

Serious wildfires continue to burn in Italy and Turkey. In Abruzzo, flaming sparks that drifted on the bathing beach caused a mass panic.

The basics in brief

  • Serious wildfires are still raging in the Mediterranean region.
  • Italy has asked other European Union countries to help fight the fire.
  • In many bathing areas, beaches with tourists had to be evacuated.

fight in italy the authorities More against the spread of forest fires. However, all Italian civil defense aircraft are already in use and the situation remains Not under control. the government In Rome he asked for help from others on Sunday evening Icountries.

Mass panic on the beach

In the Abruzzo Panic broke out on the beach after new beaches shooting It broke out near the city of Pescara. The winds blew glowing sparks at the swimmers who fled the beach, La Presse reported.

This scene is just one of many scenes currently taking place in the bathing areas of the Mediterranean. Also in Italy, the coast guard rescued 97 tourists by boat because three camping sites were almost trapped in the flames.

Tourists in Greece and Turkey are also affected

In Italy alone, about 800 forest fires have been recorded in the past few days, according to the authorities. But Turkey and Greece are also fighting fires. Drought, heat, and strong winds continue to ensure that fires will spread.

In Greece, 16 cases of smoke inhalation were treated in hospital last week. In the Turkish holiday region of Bodrum, several villages were evacuated, including many tourists. Pictures from Hurma Beach show how the fires stop only at the sea.

The authorities hope so weather Finally, it helps put out fires. But in Italy in particular, people are not just looking forward to rain: according to the Italian Civil Protection, the highest danger level in red in terms of landslides and floods is threatened, especially in northern Italy, due to the expectation of heavy rain.

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