October 3, 2023

Why now Dresdner Daniel Senff suddenly became Honorary Consul of Great Britain

DRK Head of Logistics Lars Wertmann (left) and CEO Rudiger Unger (right) show Honorary Consul Daniel Senf on the DRK’s “Storage Hall”. © Stephen Fussell

This was officially announced yesterday, Wednesday, by Deputy Ambassador Kieran Drake – during a visit to the new DRK logistics center on Bremerstraße.

Up to 2,500 pallets of relief supplies can be stored in the hall. “Eight blue-light agents can be provided – from the police to the European Union,” said DRK spokesman Kai Kranish (40).

This also included masks, rubber boots and protective clothing in accordance with the Ebola Standard – EU Emergency Reserve, which can be loaded within two hours.

It’s hard to get a job in Dresden

“The DRK is a close partner in consular support for British citizens in Saxony and also in joint preparation for dealing with disasters and dangerous situations,” explains Sanaf on his inaugural visit.

“Britain has fascinated me since my first English lesson. I was there for the first time in 1995, and since then I’ve been to the island at least once a year. Cornwall was my adopted home,” reveals Senf—his office is in Strizen, though. “I love British humour, read Ken Follett in the original. I am German by birth, but British at heart.”

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