April 23, 2024

White box with black triangles on the package – what does the label mean?

If you order something from Amazon, the packaging boxes usually look the same. Sometimes you can find a sticker on the back that shows a white square with two black triangles on the side. What does this sign mean?

While yellow labels can be found on almost all Amazon boxes, white boxes are found only sporadically. They provide information about the content of the program.

White box with black triangles on the packaging On the packaging: This is what is behind it

The box on the label is not an Amazon symbol. You can also find it if you order something from other providers. Here's what lies behind it:

  • The black and white label on shipping boxes is one of them Label “LQ”..
  • “LQ” means “limited quantity“, translated in German as “limited quantity”.
  • The sign indicates the presence of “Dangerous goods” Send.
  • Only these goods are allowed to enter limited quantityn transport it inside the package.
  • The phrase “dangerous goods” sounds more dramatic than is usually the case with such classifications.
  • For example, you can find a sticker like this when ordering from Amazon Perfumes, cleaning products and deodorant Command. This makes it easy to know if there are flammable materials in the package.
  • Amazon cannot deliver shipments containing dangerous goods such as perfume to the packing station. You must then provide the home address where the package will be delivered in person.
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Quantity is limited: that's what the label means

Through the label, both the delivery service and the recipient can quickly see that the contents should be handled with care. Even if it is “dangerous goods,” an Amazon driver is not required to wear protective clothing or anything similar during delivery.

If you use your Amazon card again for environmental protection or other reasons, you should get the sticker Removal on the backIn order not to unnecessarily indicate dangerous goods not included in the packaging. However, if you are sending perfumes or similar items yourself, you should also mark the shipping box accordingly (Source: Warentest Foundation). To do this, contact the shipping service you want to use to send the shipment.

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