June 23, 2024

When I see Cyberpunk 2077 in this guise, I immediately wish for a PS6

Even V would be amazed by this drawing.

Beneath the crumbling facades of Cyberpunk 2077’s high-rise buildings lies an incredibly stylish dystopia into which graphic viewers have been immersed for nearly two and a half years. At least on PC, we’d rather keep quiet about the disastrous release of last-gen versions at this point.

CD Projekt RED had another surprise in store for PC edge racers in April with its RT Overdrive mode.

bring it back again, However, the upgrade is almost impossible to manage even for the most powerful graphics cards. However, Youtuber Digital Dreams thought there was more to the game and polished it up with over 100 mods.

Frightening graphics that could melt even the PS6

Cyberpunk 2077 fans have found countless ways in the past to enhance the visual fun offered by the PC version of the sci-fi role-playing game. And if only with some real-life French fries:

Such a wonderful drawing in its entirety, As in this gameplay video, but we haven’t seen it yet:

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Most important for the graphics is the RT Overdrive mode. With path tracing, it provides an improved version of ray tracing. The difference is simply explained: with ray tracing, rays of light are emitted from the section of the visible image and the path they travel is measured.

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Rays of light take on the color of the objects they hit, directly and indirectly illuminating the entire scene.

Light spreads diffusely and casts indirectly on the environment.  (Image source: Digital Dreams Youtube)

Light spreads diffusely and casts indirectly on the environment. (Image credit: Digital Dreams/Youtube)

Trajectory tracking works in exactly the same way as in video game cosmos, except that more bouncing is recorded and not just once, but multiple light rays are counted for each pixel displayed.

In addition, tracing brings together all the disciplines of ray tracing, i.e. reflections, shadows, lighting, and the like, rather than being limited to just one sub-area.

In turn, the computing effort increases exponentially, which is why less graphically complex titles like Quake 2 or Portal have been equipped with the real-time technology.

So we’ve included both games in our list of the most graphically impressive ray tracing titles:

Cyberpunk 2077 uses track tracking in RT Overdrive mode, making it the first modern AAA movie to feature graphics feature. Keep in mind that it does not work over the entire viewing distance.

Distant buildings, neon signs, and vehicles are ignored by route tracking, Which does not detract from the great look:

Route tracking no longer works hundreds of meters away, but far enough that it visually knocks us off our feet.  (Image source: Digital Dreams Youtube)

Route tracking no longer works hundreds of meters away, but far enough that it visually knocks us off our feet. (Image credit: Digital Dreams/Youtube)

It is difficult to say whether tracing will be possible in this form on the PS6 that will be released in a few years or the upcoming Xbox. It would be conceivable because ray tracing accelerators – only the first generation installed in the PS5 and Xbox Series X – have greatly increased in terms of performance.

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Based on the high cost factor of current graphics chips, the next generation could also start with a limited number of RT cores.

Poor performance can also be compensated for by advances in measurement methods And in this regard, Cyberpunk 2077 is a pioneer:

More than 100 mods have been used

Digital Dreams hasn’t held back on its RT Overdrive mode, but it claims to have used over 100 mods to make Night City shine. Perhaps the most striking thing is the super-population mode, which brings hundreds of pedestrians onto the streets at the same time.

Originally, the city looks surprisingly empty, but with the edit, the Youtuber has to squeeze through crowded sidewalks.

A lot going on here... (Image credit: Digital Dreams Youtube)

A lot going on here… (Image credit: Digital Dreams/Youtube)

In addition, Digital Dreams has significantly modified inconsistencies with Reshade. The program makes it possible to rewrite the game’s shaders according to one’s own ideas or add new shaders.

Shaders are small programs that manipulate color values ​​to display a variety of effects. Including the shimmer of vehicle bodies or the glow of neon lights.

This is the case with the new consoles

Logically, it remains to be seen if graphics like those in Digital Dreams fan gameplay will work on the next consoles. A more powerful PS5 Pro or Xbox Series X has been expected for a long time, but Sony and Microsoft have not yet commented on this.

A “final” version of Cyberpunk 2077 with track tracking would certainly be the perfect showcase for the new hardware, even if we have to wait a few years for that.

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What game would you like to have with such a graphical upgrade?