June 20, 2024

When Bavaria gets into business for itself - Hank's World

When Bavaria gets into business for itself – Hank’s World

nSuppose that Sunday’s general election leads to an outcome that many now consider unlikely: under Chancellor Olaf Schultz (SPD), there will be a red-green-red coalition. It is true that Scholz has made an impressive effort to support the FDP for a while. But the talks ultimately failed due to fiscal policy. While the Liberals are staunchly opposed to a wealth tax, increased income tax and easing the debt brake, the SPD man is walking open with his tax proposals on the left.

Rainer Hank

Freelance writer on economics Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.

Suppose also – which many also consider to be not entirely improbable – that Berlin’s initiative to expropriate large housing blocks will also be successful and that the capital’s new Red, Red and Green Senate under the leadership of Franziska Giffi will not be able to. Avoid a Democratic majority vote on a law and address the socialization of the real estate portfolio. Subsequently, the expropriation law soon found many friends in Schultz’s government.

So if we assume that the outcome of this election came in a completely democratic way, it would not be an exaggeration to say that we would then find ourselves in a different left-wing republic, where private property is no longer respected, successful exceptions expropriated – and research from the Greens – regarding climate change, the most powerful interventions In the freedom of movement of citizens will be the daily regime.

What are the opportunities for minorities?

I don’t want to provoke a “red socks fear” here. I am interested in the question of legal philosophy: What options are available to minorities to defend themselves against the will of the majority? The obvious answer is: nothing at all. This is the case in democracy. The losers must submit to the majority. You can campaign for the fact that in the next elections your people, who are resisting socialism, will return to power. If they get impatient, they will be free to emigrate to a more liberal country (such as Switzerland). Alexis de Tocqueville wrote 200 years ago that democracy is a kind of dictatorship of the majority. There is nothing you can do.

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