April 22, 2024

WhatsApp: New function should block screenshots of profile pictures


Updated February 23, 2024 at 2:08 p.m

Want to take screenshots of other profile pictures on WhatsApp? This will end soon. A new experimental function aims to prevent this in the future and thus provide more data protection for users.

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WhatsApp wants to protect the privacy of its users more in the future. So the current Android beta version ( has now integrated a new data protection function.

According to the “WABetaInfo” website This is to prevent other users' profile photos from being screenshotted.

More privacy for WhatsApp users

WhatsApp has had the function of sending voice messages and photos via one-time view for a long time. In fact, the addressee can only listen to or watch it once. It is not possible to take a screenshot of a one-time image.

This functionality will now be expanded with the beta version of WhatsApp This will block screenshots of other users' profile photos in the future. Anyone who tries to do this should receive a message saying that this action is not possible. In addition to private security, it can also prevent future identity theft.

The new functionality is currently only available to individual beta testers, but will be made available to other users in the coming weeks. WhatsApp is also testing another function that will help keep phone numbers confidential. Details are not yet known.

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Despite the new functionality of WhatsApp, complete security is not provided

Of course, the new functionality does not guarantee complete security of your profile photos. Images can still be captured with other devices.

Before the new functionality becomes available to everyone, you can restrict the display of your profile picture in other ways. To do this, go to “Data Protection” and then “Profile Photo” in Settings. There you can set whether “Everyone”, “My Contacts”, “My Contacts Except…” or “Nobody” can display your profile picture.
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