WhatsApp just got better: these innovations will come to your smartphone in 2023

WhatsApp will roll out a number of innovations to smartphones this year. Here you can read what they are.

WhatsApp updates are not long in coming this year either and they bring with them many innovations. Some of them aim to increase security, while others contribute to better usability and clarity.

WhatsApp status will also receive a sweeping change, which in the eyes of many was long overdue. No matter if you are sending Whatsapp funny sayings or just making a call with Messenger, the new functions should satisfy every user.

WhatsApp: Far-reaching status changes are coming

WhatsApp is planning a number of innovations, especially for the status function.

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One of the most popular messenger features is WhatsApp status. Users can upload photos or videos that will disappear after 24 hours.

These impressions are visible to your contacts, who then have the opportunity to respond or respond to them. So it’s not surprising that WhatsApp wants to improve this feature, but users can expect a variety of surprising innovations.

WhatsApp status gets five new functions. It should be easier for users to communicate with others in the future. They can also look forward to easier and better communication.

Exclude specific contacts from WhatsApp status

You may have noticed that not every situation is suitable for every contact. So it would be desirable if you can hide WhatsApp status from individuals. Messenger has addressed this issue and is now integrating a new functionality that ensures more privacy.

The innovation makes it possible to update privacy settings for each case. So if you upload two different photos to your status, you can decide who can and can’t see them for each photo.

The setting you made will then be saved and used again next time.

Voice messages also go to the status

With WhatsApp, voice messages have to be integrated into the status.

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Voice messages are especially popular in chatting and are often used. But even in the case, you have the opportunity to communicate with others. This saves a lot of paperwork and makes the messenger more personal.

In the case of WhatsApp, previously you could only communicate in writing or upload photos and videos. However, the new update makes it possible to share voice messages of up to 30 seconds in length with your contacts.

This is especially useful when you have a lot to tell and want to make the content accessible to many people at once. So if you prefer sending voice messages instead of text messages, you might enjoy this new feature.

In the future, users will be able to reply to WhatsApp status

Some social media platforms have already incorporated status reactions, because emoji sometimes say more than a thousand words. Especially when you watch a lot of videos, there is often not enough time to react.

To respond to a status with an emoji, all you have to do is tap on your smartphone and your contact will receive a message. For this reason, WhatsApp is finally offering status reactions. If the update is installed successfully, you have to swipe up to access the status and you can select one of eight emojis.

Then the reaction ends with the other contact in the chat. This feature makes Messenger more personal and social.

New episode icon next to the profile picture

Unfortunately, the condition goes away after 24 hours and is therefore often overlooked. Previously, you had to click on the Status menu item in order not to miss anything. With the new update, WhatsApp introduces a feature that makes it difficult to overlook vacation photos of contacts.

Whenever you post a WhatsApp status, a ring appears around the profile picture. This indicates that the user has posted a status. With one click on the image you can see the current status.

Episodes can be seen in the chat list, the list of participants in groups and in contact information. This way, nothing will escape you in the future and you will always be up to date.

WhatsApp beta for Android

Link preview for whatsapp status

In the past it was possible to post links in a state that others could view. However, in many cases, no one knew about the links involved. This brings with it the risk of landing on malicious pages.

This problem is now a thing of the past because links that are shared in status are given a visual preview. Not only do revised links look better, but you can imagine more below the link before you click it.

With this innovation, WhatsApp wants to increase user security and provide a better overview.

Find nearby businesses

Until now, you could only search for restaurants, shops or beauty salons with the help of navigation apps or the internet. In the future, this functionality will also be integrated into the popular messaging service.

The new function is called “Business Directory” and makes it possible to find businesses in the immediate vicinity. Main services, workshops or shops, for example, are listed there. In this way, local businesses gain more exposure and reach.

At the same time, the search has also become easier, because the opening hours and location of the companies are also visible. As of now, this feature is already available in Indonesia, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, and the United Kingdom.

WhatsApp Business is receiving many updates

While the WhatsApp Business app has the same interface as the consumer app, it includes additional features that are not available to regular users.

WhatsApp Business users can look forward to practical innovations thanks to the new updates. Until now, you had to set up ads via the Meta Business Suite, which was often time consuming and complicated.

In the future, click-to-chat ads posted on Facebook or Instagram can be created within WhatsApp. This ensures ease of use and clarity within the application and makes it easy for businesses to gain more reach and interest.

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