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Centro Oberhausen in NRW is one of the largest shopping centers in Europe. In one category in particular, the competition can’t hold a candle to him.

Cologne – If you want to visit one of the biggest malls in Europe, you don’t necessarily have to travel to the UK, Spain or, in theory, to Russia – you can simply go to NRW Accommodation. Because that Oberhausen Centre It may not have the largest sales area or the most shops of all shopping centers in Europe – the entire complex around Germany’s largest shopping center is one of the largest in Europe by far, 24RHEIN reports. But how does Centro in Oberhausen compare to other shopping centers on the continent?

These are the largest shopping centers in Germany, Spain, England and Co.

  • Germany: Centro Oberhausen, Oberhausen (120,000 square meters of retail space)
  • England: Westfield Stratford City, London (176,000 sqm of retail space)
  • France: La Parte-Dieu, Lyon (161,000 sqm of retail space)
  • Italy: Città Fiera, Matinhaco (130,000 sqm of retail space)
  • Austria: Shopping City Süd, Vösendorf (192,500 square meters of retail space)
  • Russia: Mega Belaya Dacha, Moscow (214,000 square meters of retail space)
  • Switzerland: Shoppi Tivoli, Spreitenbach (78,000 square meters of retail space)
  • Spain: Puerto Veneciall, Zaragoza (207,000 sqm of retail space)
  • Hungary: Arena Mall, Budapest (200,000 sqm of retail space)

In terms of retail space, Westfield Centro Oberhausen ranks first in Germany – but it can’t keep up with a European comparison. The operator itself places its sales area at 120,000 square meters – unlike other centers in Europe, this does not even break into the top ten. Shopping lovers will find by far the biggest selling area at Mega Belaya Datscha in Moscow; You can shop there on an area of ​​214,000 square metres. The mall that will have to “overtake” Centro to get into the top ten in this category is also in Moscow: Mega Telpyi Stan offers 155,000 square meters of space for various stores.

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Centro Oberhausen amazes with more than 250 stores – there are even more in Hungary and Turkey

There are “more than 250 local and international stores” at home in Centro Oberhausen. How does a mall in this category compare to similar centers in Europe? Most of the shops can be found in both Arena Mall (Hungary) and Cevahir Mall in Istanbul (Turkey). Shopaholics can visit more than 400 stores there. The neighbor from Austria is also ahead of Centro in this respect: “Shopping City Süd” in Vösendorf, Austria has about 360 stores. However, on the other hand, no shopping mall in all of Europe can hold a candle to Centro.

Inside Centro Oberhausen. The shopping center is one of the largest in Europe. © Peter Seven

Shopping and Entertainment Center at Centro Oberhausen – The shopping center is second to none here

Due to the fact that Centro has a leisure center with an amusement park being built in Oberhausen, the Legoland in Centro & Co., 14,000 parking spaces are available and Oasis is Europe’s largest food court, with a total site area of ​​830,000 square meters – a value surpassed by no other shopping center in Europe.

By the way, there is also a former restaurant on this site, which is now considered a “lost place”, reports But recently, there has also been bad news: youth gangs have been making noise around Centro. According to, several new stores will soon be set up in Centro. (Month)

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