June 14, 2024

Wales: Labor wins regional elections - Der Spiegel

Wales: Labor wins regional elections – Der Spiegel

Labor clearly won the parliamentary elections in Wales, but narrowly lost the absolute majority in Parliament in Cardiff. As announced by the Electoral Commission, Labor has 30 of the 60 seats, more than before. Another state was necessary to obtain an absolute majority.

Thus the Labor Party could continue the current alliance with the Liberal Democrats, having won a seat, however, a minority government could not be excluded or an alliance with the pro-independence Plaid Cymru party. The sister party of the ruling Scottish Party, the Scottish National Party, won 13 seats. The second largest force in Wales was the Tories with 16 seats.

The Labor Party ruled Wales for decades. Current Prime Minister Mark Drakford has gained a reputation for his quiet policy in dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic.

Labor losses in England

Results in Wales contrasted sharply with elections elsewhere in the United Kingdom. In the regional elections in England, the House of Representatives was also voted on in the City of Hartlepool. For the first time in decades, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party won there.

The Conservatives also scored well in local elections in regions that had a majority vote in favor of Brexit. Labor leader Keir Starmer claimed responsibility for the defeat on Friday and announced that he wants to change the party radically.

Great Britain is now waiting for results from the capital, London and Scotland. Sadiq Khan is expected to win in London. In the regional elections in Scotland, the pro-independence Scottish National Party is hoping for an absolute majority under Prime Minister Nicolas Sturgeon – and thus the opportunity to hold a second independence referendum.

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