Bolivia: The Anez government asked the US and the UK for weapons before the 2020 elections

Peace. In the run-up to the 2020 presidential election, the then de facto government of Jeanine Anez is said to have asked the embassies of the United States and Great Britain to hand over weapons. This was revealed by the government of Louis Ars. The current Deputy Minister of Public Security at the Ministry of the Interior, Roberto Rios, published two letters on May 8 and September 25, 2020 documenting the request. The case commemorates the delivery of weapons and tear gas canisters from Argentina and Ecuador during the coup against Evo Morales in November 2019.

The then Deputy Secretary of Public Security, Wilson Santamaria, addressed the letter dated May 8, 2020 to Chargé d’Affairs to the US Embassy, ​​Bruce Williamson, with the subject “Request: Equipment and Weapons.” The first page reads: “I ask you to comply with the request in the matter in order to defend the integrity and land of the Bolivian people.”

The second letter from Santamaria, dated September 25, 2020, is addressed to the British Ambassador to Bolivia, Jeff Glickin. In the spirit of “strengthening” British support, Deputy Secretary Glickin “requests pistols, cartridges, gas grenades, full uniforms, gas masks, night vision devices, thermal masks, binoculars, helmets, protective suits and other equipment which it deems important for the Bolivian police.” To defend the safety, land and security of the people.

Rios noted that the deputy public security department has no authority to order such materials. They are intended for special police missions and are not part of their regular equipment. Ríos continued, apparently, that all these weapons and devices were supposed to be used to suppress the Bolivian people in connection with the presidential elections.

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According to Rios, the Bolivian government has asked the two countries’ embassies to hand over the original letters and the attachments posted therein. She also wants to know what answers the United States and Great Britain have given or how both countries have reacted to it.

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The armaments efforts are not the only evidence of a coup by the de facto government of Áñez in the run-up to the October 2020 elections, when MAS candidate and incumbent President Arce emerged as the preferred candidate. In June 2021, the medium was revealed online Intercept Preparations that will lead to a coup after the October 2020 elections.

Using recordings, emails and documents, The Intercept uncovered a plot led by then-Defense and Health Minister Luis Fernando Lopez, who later fled to Brazil. The goal was to move hundreds of mercenaries from a US military base near Miami to Bolivia to prevent Arce from taking office. The article’s authors, Lawrence Blair and Ren Grimm, called the plot “a much more visible coup plot than it was in October 2019”.

In a 15-minute conversation between Lopez and the former civilian director of the US military, Joe Pereira, about the coup plan ahead of The Intercept, the then defense secretary said: “I want to stress the following: the commander of the armed forces forces are fully involved.” This means that General Sergio Orellana, who was heading to Colombia in November 2020 survived.

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During the conversation, Pereira promised to hand over the weapons. That’s no problem.” He also stated that he would contact the police command to provide their C-130 Hercules. Hundreds of Pereira’s mercenaries were to travel to Bolivia from Miami disguised as “photographers, priests, doctors and tourists.” But the American conspirator insisted that neither he nor the mercenaries They can be linked to the US Army.

The Bolivian interpreter who took part in the conversation directly asked the minister, “in his capacity of Bolivia,” how prepared he and his people were to implement the plan. “Are you ready for psychiatric surgery, are you ready to handle information in the same way as MAS?” “One hundred percent,” Lopez replied.

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