May 21, 2024

France threatens Britain with revenge

France threatens Britain with revenge

Paris. In the Brexit dispute over fishing rights, the French Minister of State for Europe, Clement Boone, has stepped up and threatened London with retaliation in financial services. In the Journal du Dimanche, a close associate of the Head of State, Emmanuel Macron, said Sunday that about 40 licenses for French fishermen in British waters are still missing.

He is confident that these licenses will be granted. “Otherwise, we will not hesitate to respond in other areas, such as access to financial services, where the British care.”

A conflict escalates over fishing off Guadalcanal Island in Jersey

Last week, a fishing dispute escalated between London and Paris off Channel Island in Jersey, which belongs to the British Crown and not to the United Kingdom. Dozens of French fishermen temporarily closed the port of Saint Helier Island – within sight of British and French warships.

In the dispute over fishing licenses, France threatened retaliation if necessary and withholding power over Jersey.

Boone was confident that Jersey would withdraw the additional license terms for hunters. On the fisheries crisis after the UK’s final exit from the European Union, he said: “You should not fool yourself.

In the Brexit trade agreement, it was agreed that EU fishermen would still be able to catch 75 percent of what they had been during a five-and-a-half-year transitional period in British waters. The quotas should then be set annually. The services were not included in the negotiations for a trade agreement for Brexit. It was only at the end of March that London and the European Union agreed on principles of voluntary cooperation in regulating financial services.

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