July 15, 2024

VIENNA: When he got the bill at the Schweizerhaus, he had to swallow it empty

VIENNA: When he got the bill at the Schweizerhaus, he had to swallow it empty


When he got the bill at the Schweizerhaus, he had to swallow it empty

A family celebration in Vienna’s Prater ended with a surprise on the bill: a tip of €20.80 was paid without being asked.


€173 for food and drinks plus an additional tip of €20.80.


  • At the Schweizerhaus restaurant in Vienna, the family tip has already been calculated automatically.

  • The restaurant manager says it was a mistake.

  • The error is due to changing the payment system.

Enjoy Martin R. (age 29, name changed) enjoyed a relaxing evening at the Schweizerhaus Hotel in Vienna with five family members. “after two hours We asked for the bill. The waiter did a quick calculation and then said €193.80. He told “Today”: “We naturally thought that this amount did not include the tip, so we raised it to 205 euros.”

But they were still skeptical so they asked for the bill. There they encountered a surprise: “The bill said 173 euros for food and drinks, and 20.80 euros for ‘tip’.” No one pointed out to the group that the tip was actually on the bill. “Otherwise we wouldn’t have added anything else. We paid about 35 euros. “You feel like you’re being ridiculed!” says Martin R.


Viennese residents complained to the waiter in charge at the Schweizerhaus Hotel. “He apologized and handed over the €15 difference. But even after speaking to the restaurant manager, you can stay Very bitter tasteIf you were to tip almost 20 percent without a bill we wouldn’t have gotten it without asking. “It’s sad that the advice has just been added.”

Today newspaper asked the Schweizerhaus why the extra charge was on the bill. “Unfortunately that was an oversight,” explains restaurant manager Peter R.. Customers usually decide for themselves how much to tip. Waiters don’t usually do that. They have recently switched to a new payment system and card payment is now possible at Schweizerhaus. The new system still makes mistakes sometimes, which is why this addition comes out. We are working to fix the error.

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