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Written by Anika Meyer

The Golden Retriever from Canada obtained a high-tech prosthesis that should enable him to lead a normal life (pictorial)

Photo: dpa / Bernd Thissen

Golden Retriever Frankie has lost a leg since birth, which limits him. This high-tech prosthesis should change this. A video clip shows how happy the dog is with the gift.

Written by Anika Meyer

March 2, 2021 – 4:45 PM

Ontario – Canadian golden retriever Frankie lost a leg shortly after birth and was unable to walk properly as a result. However, he has now obtained a high-tech prosthesis to replace his lost leg. As a result, his enthusiasm came back to life: because he can now play with other dogs and chase sticks. The golden retriever shows how excited he is to finally be able to walk around.

You can see how excited Frankie is about his new prosthesis in this video:

With the prosthesis, Frankie can now lead an almost normal life. Most dogs without legs accept prostheses like Frankie well. However, they need to get used to running with the help of an animal orthopedic surgeon first. Without this support, dogs with missing limbs often experience poor posture, joint overload, or osteoporosis. In addition to various prostheses, now there are also dog wheelchairs.

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