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32-year-old Verena Schott finished third in the SM 6 starting class for 200m in 2:59.09. She was 2.41 seconds behind winner Maisie Summers-Newton of Great Britain, who set a world record. After cyclist Dennis Schindler’s bronze medal, this is the second precious metal for Germany’s Paralympic team.

Schott is also one of the top candidates on the route of her 100-meter parade released on Saturday. On her first start in the 50-meter freestyle, she, as expected, missed the World Cup finals on Wednesday.

Wheelchair basketball players lose sensation

The German national team is subject to the United States in an exciting match

National coach Nikolai Seltinger’s wheelchair basketball team lost in a dramatic game against the winning team of Rio from USA with a time of 55:58 (28:22) and is under pressure early on after this opening defeat in a difficult second set. “Our aim was to play bravely,” said Zeltinger. “The boys did an excellent job. I’m very happy with that. The result is unfortunate and unfortunate. But we got into the tournament well.”

Thomas Bohm was the best pitcher among the German men with 19 points. Wheelchair basketball players from the German Disabled Sports Federation (DBS) last won a medal in Barcelona in 1992, and the series is set to end in Japan. Germany led against the best candidates for almost the entire season, but the Americans were able to turn things around in the last quarter. The next contender is Great Britain on Friday. “Then we have to play this match again,” Zeltinger demanded.

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On the other hand, women’s wheelchair basketball sprinted around flag-bearer Marica Miller, a perfect start on the medal mission with 77:58 (45:25) against Australia. Captain Miller excelled with 30 points. Already after the first quarter, coach Dennis Nohl’s team was ahead by eleven points and continued to advance until the end of the first half. The opening win for the silver winners from Rio was not in grave danger.

Teuber missed the bike chase final

Tokyo 2020 Paralympics |  Tracking cyclist Michael Tuber

Bike Track Rehabilitation: Michael Teuber Retires

Flag-bearer Michael Tuber can’t compete for a medal in his debut. The 53-year-old placed only eighth among ten track runners over 3000m in qualifying and clearly missed the finals and mini-finals in 3:59,521. The Paralympic winner was five times short of the fastest by more than 20 seconds.

“Today I drove a little less than my expectations. However, I was able to drive in less than four minutes, so the road racing tests went well,” said Teuber. His teammate Pierre Senska apparently missed the medal decision in sixth place in 3:50.016.

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