The Czech Republic beat Germany 2-0 and won the second set.

Calgary (Alberta) (AFP) – Dominika Laskova scored twice in a 2-0 win over Germany at the Women’s Hockey World Cup on Wednesday night to win Group B and avoid the United States or Canada in the quarter-finals.

All five teams in Group A qualify for the quarter-finals – with the USA (3-0) and Canada (3-0), who will compete for the group title on Thursday night – to the quarter-finals.

Clara Beslarova saved 12 balls to help the Czech Republic play 4-0.

Laskova and her colleague Alina Mills led the tournament with four goals. Laskova opened the gate at 4:28 in the second half and scored again at 9:09 in the third.

Franziska Alp stopped 27 shots for Germany (2-1).

Germany finished the group match against Japan on Thursday evening (2-1). The winner meets the loser between the United States and Canada, and the winning loser plays between the United States and Canada.

In the first group, Petra Nieminen scored two goals in Finland’s 4-0 victory over Russia. Susanna Tabani and Jenna Nylund have also met, and Annie Kesala has exported 13 countries.

Finland will play for third place in the group on Thursday (1-2) with Switzerland (0-3). Russia completed the preliminary round 1-3.

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