December 1, 2023


Paralympic Games 2021 – The first medals were distributed among the competitors –

The German national team narrowly missed the podium in the riders’ first three decisions at the 2021 Paralympic Games.

His 12th gold medal in the second division went to Britain’s Sir Lee Pearson in the Breezer game with 76.265 per cent. He started collecting medals in Athens in 2004, and it doesn’t look like he’s going to let it pass from now on. Silver went to Austrian Pepo Puch on Sailor’s Blue, followed by another British woman, European champion Georgia Wilson, at Sakura (72,765).

Paralympic newcomer Heidemarie Dressing and her mare La Bloom have just been beaten up. With 72.295 percent, fourth place was for the MS patient, who was hoping to get more points, but had another chance to attack in the freestyle, among other things. As she told FN, “The distance to the bronze was just a blink of an eye. The dream of a medal was already there, even if I didn’t say it out loud so as not to put myself under pressure. But it’s not over yet. I never give up, or else I wouldn’t ride either.”

fourth grade

The clear winner in the fourth division was the favorites from the Netherlands, European and world champions St. Voits over Demantor. They took 76.585 percent, leaving World Cup silver medalist from Brazil behind, Rodolfo Riscala over Don Henrico (74.659). By the way, Riscella lives in Hagen, but she works at the Dior fashion house in Paris. Belgian Manon Claes won the bronze medal over Saint Dior with 72.853 per cent.

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The German rider was also initially in the fourth grade: Saskia Deutz in Soyala. She was the first female contestant to go to the ring and was out again with 70.975 percent. This was her sixth-place finish and at the same time qualifying for her first free-swimming championship.

fifth grade

Even in class five, where the riders with the lowest handicap are at the start, it shouldn’t be with the medal. Regen Mispelkamp and her Chestnut Delight Highlander landed in fourth place with a score of 73.191 percent.

The same trio who set the tone in Rio stood on the podium. Belgium’s Michelle Georges, daughter of Bonifatius Best of 8, rode to win with 76.524 per cent. Sophie Wells of Great Britain and Donna Cara M took silver with 74.405 percent. Frank Hosmar and Alvavel took bronze with 73.405 per cent in the Netherlands.

Tomorrow the decisions will be made in the first and third grades. For Germany it was Stephen Zeebig’s turn and his sure mare felt fine at 2.10pm, our time in the third row.