February 29, 2024

Velodyne Acoustics introduces new MiniVee X subwoofer and internal solutions at ISE 2024

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Velodyne Acoustics introduces new MiniVee X subwoofer and internal solutions at ISE 2024

Low-frequency specialist Velodyne Acoustics will be exhibiting at Integrated Systems Europe in Barcelona from January 30 to February 2, 2024. The new MiniVee subwoofer Visitors to the trade show can also see existing installation solutions for loudspeakers and amplifiers, which were demonstrated as prototypes at last year. A special highlight is the SC IW DVR amplifier with T-shaped driver chassis. (Source and images: Velodyne Acoustics)


Velodyne Acoustics MiniVee

It is expected to be available at authorized retailers starting February

Velodyne Acoustics SC IW 600

Velodyne Acoustics SC IW 800

Velodyne Acoustics SC IW DVR + BB: €3,468

Velodyne Acoustics SC 750: €1,799

Velodyne Acoustics SC 1500: €2,199


Minifi This design, favored by Velodyne Acoustics, achieves the best possible bass accuracy. The two completely newly designed 8-inch drivers also contribute a large part to low-resonance operation. The passive and active drivers are arranged opposite each other in a force canceling design to enable maximum bass reproduction while keeping the housing stable. The 2-inch voice coil with four-layer coil enables powerful and extremely precise movement of the diaphragm. To ensure optimal heat dissipation with a high output of 350W RMS, the motor is double vented for maximum performance. Thanks to the very good connection, the possible uses of the new subwoofer are almost unlimited: RCA connections for the left and right channels and an LFE input allow easy installation. In addition, speaker terminals are available for connecting amplifiers or AV receivers without a proper RCA output. Many high-end enthusiasts prefer parallel cables for their subwoofer and main speakers with high-level inputs. But Velodyne Acoustics also installed XLR connectors to enable the full range of cabling.

For Velodyne Acoustics, automatic room correction has been an important subwoofer feature for many years. And with the new Velodyne Acoustics Auto EQ app, users now have a whole new way to optimally match the MiniVee Many DSP functions can be controlled intuitively using software for Android or iOS smartphones. A real plus is also included in the delivery: the MiniVee X has a corresponding calibration microphone in the package.

SC IW-600

The completely revised SubContractor series with subwoofer models IW-600 The successor to Velodyne Acoustics' best-selling synthetic loudspeaker, the IW-600 The IW 800 Both have a revised front design with a magnetic driver cover.

The uncompromising amplifier solution

The SC 1500 and associated 750 loudspeakers were still on display as prototypes at the recent ISE and are now on display as serial devices in Barcelona. As with previous models, the new speakers also offer automatic room correction, which is now operated using a completely newly developed Auto EQ app. The SC 1500 and 750 Class D active amplifier boards were developed primarily with an eye toward high performance while maintaining accuracy. This means they deliver the best possible performance even at higher impedances and work perfectly on Velodyne Acoustics passive speakers. With high-quality RCA and XLR inputs and outputs, there's nothing to be desired when choosing connections. Like all Velodyne Acoustics SC series amplifiers and amplifiers, the new models feature anti-clipping and overheating circuitry to prevent distortion caused by speaker clipping.