December 4, 2023

Van Gogh Museum suspends distribution of special Pikachu trading card due to safety concerns – Ntower

Anyone who wants to peer into the abyss of humanity again had the opportunity to do so in Amsterdam at the end of last month. Pokemon x van gogh gallery I started. A number of people stormed the museum’s merchandise store to purchase Pokemon merchandise in bulk, and a limited Van Gogh x Pikachu promo card, which you can get after completing the scavenger hunt, was particularly popular. A short time later, copies were listed on eBay for more than €400.

Now it has happened Van Gogh Museum The consequences are drawn and Special Pokémon Trading Card distribution has been discontinued. because of Safety concerns, which was activated by a small group of people, the show will be stopped. Pokémon fans living in the UK, US or Canada will have the opportunity to obtain the card via Pokémon Center Online soon, and the card will also be distributed to participating retailers in the Netherlands early next year. If you want to get an idea of ​​the chaos, we recommend this Our news about this subject. Attached is our museum statement for you.

Have you visited the Pokémon x Van Gogh exhibition?

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