December 8, 2023

Is this serious? Warning!

I wouldn’t accept any payments if I were you Instant Connect ( Granted. Because I had bad experiences with platforms that had a very similar name. There could be another scam going on here, from the same group of perpetrators, under a new website.

attention: It is questionable whether or not you will be paid compensation from Immediate Connect ( The deposit will likely work without any problems. If I’m right and this is not a reputable provider, it may be a matter of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. I reserve my current warning until proven otherwise.

Immediate Connect ( can be ‘flawlessly fake’!

I am the site operator

As an attorney, I have gained a lot of experience dealing with shady trading platforms, fraudulent brokers, and other forms of investment fraud. Perpetrators manage to gain trust with a “clean website” – and then rip you off. But we can hold these people accountable.

Write to me about your experiences with Immediate Connect ( Does the provider or app seem reputable to you? not me. You will receive one from me The initial evaluation is free About your condition. You then have to decide whether you want to defend yourself against the platform.

  1. Don’t be fooled by the pretty app or presentation on Immediate Connect ( There have already been several scams that were about to hurt under an almost identical name.
  2. Use my experience to evaluate your individual case. I’m looking into what “happened” between you and Immediate Connect (
  3. If you have fallen for a scam or fraud at Immediate Connect (, you need to take action very quickly now. Right to payment. And immediately!

Real experiences with Immediate Edge – Is it the same with Immediate Connect (

One of the affected people contacted my office and was a victim of the Immediate Edge scam, even though they are usually very careful when using the Internet. i paid Facebook On one Attractive linkwhich supposedly led to an exclusive interview with Günter Jauch, which in turn led to Immediate Edge.

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Despite the initial uncertainty and great doubts, I decided to register and transfer 250 euros. She was forced to upload top-secret documents such as her ID card, bank details and transfer confirmation receipt. This is how Immediate Connect ( can work too!

Cheating leaves its mark!

This person is now very concerned and wants their personal data deleted urgently. Unfortunately, turning this request into reality is very difficult, even after all the terms and conditions have been translated and thoroughly studied.

She tried to send a cancellation the day after registration, but her request remained unanswered. It has now blocked various phone numbers from the UK, Austria, Switzerland and other countries as it has not received any support or response.

If using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, please continue reading here: Cryptocurrency Tracking.