July 15, 2024

US sanctions two Cambodians on corruption charges

US sanctions two Cambodians on corruption charges

The United States imposes sanctions on two Cambodians on suspicion of corruption. For them that should be crucial.

The basics in brief

  • Cambodian officer and commander accused of corruption.
  • Now the United States has imposed sanctions on both.

The US government has imposed sanctions on a senior Cambodian Ministry of Defense official and navy chief on corruption charges. The US Treasury said Wednesday that Director General Zhao Phyron and Commander Te Vinh have personally influenced themselves when building a naval base.

“The United States will not stand idly by while corrupt officials enrich themselves personally at the expense of the Cambodian people,” said Sanctions Director Andrea Jacki. She said the fight against corruption remains a top priority for the United States.

Property has been frozen

As a result of the sanctions, the potential property of the two peoples in the United States will be frozen. In addition, US citizens and companies will largely be prevented from doing business with them in the future.

US sanctions often make most international business more difficult for those affected. This is because many banks and companies do not want to risk violating US sanctions.

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