June 19, 2024

Why is the UK switching clocks in schools

Why is the UK switching clocks in schools

Teachers in British schools are increasingly faced with the fact that their students miscalculate the time they have left during exams. Reason: Students cannot read the analog clocks in the hall. only through GCSE exams GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) This is a problem because they are the main exams for upper secondary education in the UK.

As a result, some British schools are now installing digital clocks in the rooms where GCSE exams are taken. Although the students in United kingdom Learning to read an analog clock At the age of seven, British teachers noticed that pupils were no longer accustomed to analog clocks. Many teachers worry that students will not be able to tell the time from the clock during their exams or that they will lose precious minutes trying to read.

“I can’t read the clock on the wall”

British school teachers see smartphones and digital watches as the main cause of the problem. like the british times One teacher says: “A lot of our kids don’t know how to read the clock. Usually the comment when they pull out their cell phone is ‘I can’t read the clock on the wall’.”

Jeff Barton Manal School and College Leaders AssociationThe Association of School and College Leaders in the UK says: “We know that schools are replacing their analog clocks with digital ones in exam rooms because some students are not used to reading analog clocks as quickly as digital clocks. Young people today are taking their exams and many of them grew up in the digital age and many They don’t look at analog watches or wristwatches like the older generations. It’s literally that times are changing.”

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