October 4, 2023

Britain is not a corrupt country

Britain is not a corrupt country

Glasgow. In light of allegations of corruption against members of his Conservative party, Boris Johnson felt compelled to say that Britain “is not a corrupt country”.

“I really think the UK is nowhere near a corrupt country,” the British prime minister said on Wednesday at a press conference at the United Nations Global Climate Conference in Glasgow.

Allegations of corruption against the Conservative Party have made headlines in Britain since Johnson last week tried to protect a corrupt fellow party member from punishment. Owen Patterson was due to be suspended from Parliament for 30 days due to paid lobbying.

Members of Parliament earn hundreds of thousands of pounds in tax havens

But the Prime Minister did not want to accept this and instead decided to cancel the disciplinary actions of the MPs altogether. The opposition was simply voted on. But the criticism was so fierce that the government turned around the next day.

The new revelations of members of Parliament, such as the government’s former chief legal adviser, Geoffrey Cox, who earned hundreds of thousands of pounds through consulting contracts with companies in tax havens in the Caribbean, has further fueled the case.

Johnson was adamant about the abuse on Wednesday. “The most important thing is that anyone who breaks the rules must be investigated and punished,” the prime minister said.