UK later passes curfew law

One thing is for sure: The British Crown has put forward a number of ideas for the Queen’s Jubilee. In addition to many events, an important pub law has now been changed.

Queen Elizabeth II has now held the UK throne for 70 proud years, and this platinum anniversary is set to be widely celebrated next June.

Preparations for the festivities have been in full swing for months, and in addition to several events to celebrate the jubilee, the government has now changed an important law.

UK curfew extended for Jubilee

From Thursday 2 June to Saturday 4 June, the Jubilee will be celebrated on a large scale, or as the Queen said in her Christmas address:

I hope it will become an opportunity for people everywhere to enjoy the sense of community.

To give the British enough time for this, not only were two additional public holidays introduced, but the pub curfew was also extended.

Brits are allowed to drink for two hours longer

To celebrate the longest reigning British monarch, pubs are given permission to serve drinks until 1am instead of 11pm.

After the festivities, this special law will be lifted again – another reason for the British to really show off during the three days in honor of their queen.

In addition, the multi-day celebrations include some big in-store events: including the famous Celebrations color forcesA parade, performances by “some of the biggest stars in the world” as reported by the BBC, and various activities such as a “platinum pudding” contest.

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