Great drama in “In All Friendship”

A difficult week for fans of “In All Friendship – Little Doctors”: in the last episode, two famous characters of the series left the television clinic. The spectators are terrified!

Fans of “In All Friendship – Young Doctors” must be pretty strong now. It is well known that the cult series loves to play with our feelings. But the last episode is a bitter blow to all viewers: two main characters abruptly leave Johannes Tal’s clinic!

Bad surprise for “In All Friendship” fans

Chief physician Ben, who has now established himself as a crowd pleaser, has left Erfurt for London. At the Royal Hospital, he wants to devote himself entirely to his research in the field of cell biology. That is: at the moment, he will not appear in the popular series “Doctor”.

How long we have to wait for Ben’s return is still unclear. employment Instagram Fans are speculating when the doctor will return from the UK capital.

Viewers angry reaction

Some users are a little impatient and even turn to the producers of “In aller Freundlich” in their complaints under social media posts. So she says:

Not worth watching without Ben and Lily together. I have a feeling that almost everything has already been said and the air is slowly getting out. I hope to get more interesting stories about Bella, or else I won’t watch her anymore. Compassion.

The resentment is great, after all, another main character had to leave the Erfurt hospital last week. After defying the patient’s wishes, Rebecca is fired from the clinic team.

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Another doctor leaves the worship clinic

In order to regain the trust of others, the doctor is now heading to Münster, where she would like to take part in further training. However, there is a valid real-world explanation for this performance gap.

Actress “Rebecca” Melina Straub is becoming a mother for the first time, which is why she will miss the upcoming shoot. Although the Doctor will be sorely missed by fans, there is a fascinating understanding of the actress’ tentative ending to “In All Friendship”. However, the two likely won’t be completely wiped out, unlike this actress, who also starred in the cult series.

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